Proposal to Establish Phased Based Teacher Selection Process and Implementation of Active Teacher Testing System

Presented to: Virtual University Pakistan

“Perhaps the single most important factor in how much a child learns at school is the presence or absence of a good teacher.” – William J. Bennett, “A Few Lessons Public Schools Need to Learn,” May 15, 2001.

Pakistan is developing day by day and believes that the powers of science, technology and education could be harnessed to promote economic growth and development. New Educational as well as Information Technology policy proved as the birth of good quality HEI’s (Higher Education Institutions) which are taking a big part in strengthening the economy of Pakistan by providing highly educated and quality human resource for the Socio-Economic development of Pakistan.

Increasing number of HEI’s in Pakistan is facing a growing shortage of highly-qualified teachers because of improper testing, non-standardized and non-phased based selection process and improper interviewing.

To address this serious issue, the RAD CORPORATION, introduced standards for teacher recruitment and evaluation and proved Phase Based Selection and Active Teacher Testing as a new methodology for quality teacher selection and evaluation. These methodologies are aimed at supporting teachers in their work and ensuring that every student has the chance to learn from a highly-qualified educator.

Moreover RAD CORPORATION’s strategies and methodologies will help all institutions to recruit and retain excellent teachers, and require institutions to have a highly-qualified teacher in every institution classroom. It would emphasize local methods for recruiting qualified teachers and include an Active Teacher Testing methodology. It also includes a number of provisions aimed at streamlining bureaucracy, injecting new commonsense and flexibility into federal rules, and making it easier for qualified teachers to do their jobs effectively.