Preparation of Information Memorandum for Eagle Machinery Services Project worth 100 Million Rupees

Proposed idea to re-develop / upgrade Eagle Machinery Services is enhancing its capacity for the bulk production to meet market demand in machine tools, lathe machines and mechatronic related products. Perceived project not only acquires government investments / funding but also has focused creating high-tech capacity to undertake / meet government objectives for rapid industrial growth. EMS Board of Directors under the leadership of Mr. Abdul Aziz has catered following pertinent strategy promising socio-economic growth with overall objectives:


Priority shall be given to the development of the following key mechanical specialties and products to meet basic requirements of the local / national economy:

  1. Complete equipment;
  2. Mechanical engineering for serving agriculture, forestry, fishery and processing industry;
  3. Machine tools;
  4. Automobile Engineering
  5. Construction engineering;

By 2010, the EMS is expected to meet 45% – 50% of the local market demand for mechanical products, of which exportable products are seen to account for 30% of its total production value.

Strategic Orientation for Development of a Number of Key Mechanical Specialties and Products

Complete equipment

  1. To enhance the capacity to manufacture complete equipment by means of advanced technologies.
  2. To manufacture sophisticated equipment as a substitute for imported products and step by step to proceed to export them.
  3. To raise the capacity for designing complete equipment, efficiently combined with technologies intended for specific industries.
  4. To invest equipment and technologies in fundamental processes, such as molding, forging and casting, in order to synchronize equipment with technologies, serving the manufacture of large and sophisticated details and assemblies.
  5. To utilize the availability of equipment of mechanical engineering enterprises across the country, and accelerate coordination in the assignment and cooperation in manufacturing complete equipment.
  6. To meet 40% of local demand for complete equipment by 2010. In the foreseen future, to concentrate on the fields, including manufacture of paper and pulp, cement, construction materials, oil and gas, electricity generation, supply of clean water, and processing industry, etc.

Automobile Engineering

Production of pertinent components and equipment used in automobile industrial has also been envisaged.

Agricultural machines

  1. To concentrate investment on developing the efficient manufacture of agricultural machines, including farming and processing machines and equipment for preserving farm produce, with a view to meeting domestic demand and gradually proceeding to export them.
  2. To encourage local medium and small-sized mechanical manufacturers to take part in the manufacture of equipment and machinery for the purpose of serving agriculture and the processing industry in an organized manner, soundly assign and collaborate with mechanical engineering enterprises in and outside the province or city.

Machine tools

  1. Priority shall be given to the development of the machine tool manufacturing industry in a bid to meet the demands of industries.
  2. To conduct research, design and manufacture of modern machine prototypes (application of PLC and CNC technologies) and special processing devices.
  3. To speed up modernization of the existing machine systems at industrial establishments via Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Programs.

Construction engineering

  1. To make in-depth and investments in the manufacturers of construction technology like post tensioned concreting
  2. To bring into play advantages of the manufacture of metal structures for construction and industrial projects, and concentrate on the manufacture of advanced highly- sophisticated construction equipment and machines, which are in great demand at home and abroad.

Policies and Measures to Support the Development of the Mechanical Engineering Industry

  1. • EMS in collaboration with government industrial promotion initiatives will provide technical standards of key mechanical products as the basis for inspecting quality of domestic and imported products.

EMS in collaboration with small scale manufactures will introduce policies to promote sales of homemade mechanical products.

Solution Provided

  1. Information Memorandum