HIT – Education City Planning and Development

HIT Educational Trust’s flagship project, HIT Education City, is a 101-acre campus on the outskirts of Taxila that is planned to host educational and research institutions.

The concept of a city dedicated to education has no precedent. It is the first, and the only one of its kind in Pakistan. It will be home to some of the finest institutions of higher learning offering an unrivalled choice of study disciplines. Moreover, by forging partnerships with elite institutions, HIT Educational Trust aims to make Education City an international leader in progressive education and cutting-edge research.

It is with no doubt a city in the true sense of the word — a fully functioning community, committed to imparting and creating knowledge, from early childhood education to postgraduate studies and applied research.

HIT Educational Trust’s far-reaching vision for Education City is in keeping with the pace and scope of the changes taking place all over Pakistan. From its enlightened moderation to its democratic reforms and emerging place on the world stage, Pakistan is in the midst of an exciting transformation that will ensure the country’s continued prosperity and an even brighter future.

Key Attributes of Taxila Education City

Leadership — education, business and government leaders and influencers advancing a shared vision of the role the education sector can play in driving individual and collective prosperity.

Planning — a comprehensive and well supported plan that establishes a unified direction for local economic, social and workforce priorities.

Location — proximity to state-of-the-art learning and research facilities, global markets and highly qualified personnel.

Capacity — the right mix of education institutions, renowned scholars and researchers, and modern infrastructure.

Networks — formal and informal associations and groups needed to connect people, ideas and investments.

Recognized Strengths — defined education and/or training strengths that are distinguishable from other municipalities.

Quality of Life — an abundance of social and cultural assets needed to attract, stimulate and retain people.

Intermediary — a highly credible local organization(s) able to help guide and facilitate cooperation, collaboration and integration between and among myriad partners.