Establishment of first Pakistani Community Technology Center in Mughalpura, Lahore, Pakistan.


The idea to establish first Community Technology Center in Mughalpura was evolved in 2000 when Pakistan was going through heavy socio-economic reforms and efforts to modernize community and measures to alleviate poverty through education were undertook. Mughalpura CTC which was self reliant initiative of RAD CORPORATION established as instrument to build capacity through education and technology to alleviate poverty and increase living standards. Though it was a research project but generated good revenues and served thousands of students and local community to-date. It was a community service, social action, and/or educational facility where computers and related communications technologies will be available to people who otherwise might have little or no opportunity to use or learn to use these technologies.

Community Technology Center offered opportunities to improve education levels, gain job-related skills, and build personal and community capacity and a place where participants gathered together and linked with the entire community. An important criterion for success was the degree to which the CTC becomes an integral part of its community.

The Community Technology Center (or CTC) also helped as premier weapon in the battle to close the Digital Divide. This initiative provided technology access, resources, support and training for people in low-income or isolated locality of Mughalpura.

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