Establishment of NGO for peacekeeping and peacemaking with the name of Friends without Borders

RAD Corporation believes that Information and communication technologies can be a huge aid in the effort to build lasting peace, by helping people communicate, view information, make decisions, and understand each other better. In 2001, RAD Corporation helped some talented journalist, those now hold major positions in Pakistani Media Industry to launch Friends without Borders with following objectives:

  • Holistic paradigm and inclusive approach.
  • Global perspective treating civil society as one, over national and biased interest.
  • Pluralistic vision over a monolithic vision. Community based approaches, involving all members and sectors.
  • A positive approach: say what we want instead of what we don’t want.
  • Develop concrete and sustainable mechanisms to end the culture of war and promote cultures of peace from the family level.
  • Recognize the uniqueness of Youth as agents to build culture competence among people.

Friends without Borders (FWB) is a one of the most active NGO in Pakistan working at the grassroots level as well as national and international levels with the vision to promote cultures of Peace by initiating it from the family level to the national level and international level. The organization is consisted of journalists, human rights activists and peace-loving members of society. It works to render all possible help to foster peace, encourage an understanding of others, a sense of responsibility, empathy, readiness to cooperate and true sense of tolerance among the followers of different religions and sects. FWB is the first to focus on deepen understanding and relationships among the diversity of communities within the Pakistan and also increasing understanding and connections with the diversity of communities worldwide through information and communications technologies. This understanding focuses on linking the local to global by discovering how people live in other parts of the globe, but also exploring the interrelationships between all the activities we are involved with in the Pakistan and those taking place in other countries in order to tackle problems that affect the world collectively.

In 2008, the efforts of Friends without Borders were acknowledged by The Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services, PIPS.


Studying Islam Online

Technology has enriched the way students and faculty do everything on campus—from registering for courses to taking exams. Almawrid Institute of Islamic Science is no exception. Almawrid has been named to one of the largest Islamic Online Education institutes across the globe. Twenty-four hour network access for faculty, staff and students and outstanding user support allow every member of educational system to benefit from Internet technology, including a comprehensive program of Web-enhanced classroom instruction.

In 1999, Mr. Shehzad Saleem Director Almawrid Institute of Islamic Science concluded that Almawrid needed to implement a course management system. Mr. Shehzad Saleem experimented with several popular packages of e-Education software and ultimately visited RAD Corporation for the development of new customized learning management system. For the development of e-learning platform, RAD approach was to keep pedagogy ahead of technology which after one year ultimately resulted as a new system based on social constructivism in an active learning environment using technology as cognitive tool. Though at RAD Corporation efforts had already started to develop such system but Almawrid became the first test bed. The 1999-2000 academic year was an experimental year in which the RAD Corporation introduced intelligent quizzing technology with some dynamic content functionality named as ‘ActiveLearning’.

Today “Studying Islam” which was the proposed name of Online University reaches to the registration status of 5,000 students from 35 countries and has dominated physical campus of Almawrid Institute of Islamic Science.

In discussing their reasons for supporting e-Education, Mr. Shehzad emphasizes the benefits to the Almawrid Islamic community as a whole. For students, Shehzad states that “students are extremely busy people; the online tools of a platform like ActiveLearning make it easier to learn, which makes it more likely that a student will learn.” ActiveLearning’s multiple communication tools also let students communicate with instructors one-on-one or as part of a group, at times that are convenient for both students and instructors.