mPaper – The Multimedia Paper

mPaper uses the best suitable technology for the viewer to maximize the experience.

As newsprint, ink and distribution costs continue to rise, publishers are casting a watchful eye on alternatives to ink-on-paper editions and for them mPaper is only the choice.

mPaper – The Multimedia Paper

Cutting costs and increasing revenue.

As newsprint, ink and distribution costs continue to rise, publishers are casting a watchful eye on alternatives to ink-on-paper editions and for them mPaper is only the choice. Typically, mPaper offers a 100% digital replica of the print edition, delivered through the use of the internet. It also preserves the original, familiar layout in a fast-loading format. And it enables to boost circulations by extending offerings to the online world while cutting costs and increasing revenue.

Benefits to Publishers

  • Offer hybrid print and electronic subscriptions to end user
  • Boost profits by selling online issues, display ads, banner ads, special sections, special editions, keywords, and other rich media
  • Offer interactive ads within the online issues
  • Increase reader satisfaction through various interactive technologies
  • Reduce production and distribution costs using ‘s high-tech and robust infrastructure
  • Talking learners’ language and making it real

Benefits to Readers

  • Access to a publication in its original format, anywhere, anytime, 24/7 with just internet and no client software to download
  • Easily search, print, and email articles and ads
  • Access interactive ads and editorials within issues
  • Buy an online/offline subscription that suits the needs
  • Whether it’s a catalogue, brochure, magazine or an instruction manual, mPaper meets all your needs.


  • Catalogue: If you have a large product catalogue. mPaper allows you to maximize the investment you have made in it by distributing it globally, for a fraction of the cost. And if you have an e-commerce site, you have the possibility of connecting each of the catalogue’s featured products to its saleable equivalent on your website.
  • Magazine & Press: If you are a magazine or newspaper editor, mPaper allows you to publish your magazine or newspaper online and give your readers secure access. With mPaper, all types of commercial online publishing strategies are possible: for example, access to specific issues, limited-period access or complete access to back issues for subscribers. You can also use mPaper as a free teaser to attract new readers. Only the first few pages of the magazine are available for free – to read the rest, you have to buy the magazine. And, thanks to the integrated statistics tool, you know exactly how many people have consulted your magazine. You can also find out how many people have clicked on advertisements, giving you an efficient tool to maximize returns on your advertising space. With the multimedia possibilities offered by mPaper, we can add interactivity to your content: Sudoko or crosswords become interactive, the weather and stock prices can appear in real-time. Anything is possible.
  • Annual Reports: The cost of creating and printing Annual Reports can be exorbitant. mPaper allows you to reduce the number of copies printed and benefit from multimedia functions such as a speech from your CEO on video or animated graphics.
  • Company brochure: If you are a small business without a website. mPaper allows you to put your company brochure online and thus have a website in record time and at a minimum cost, while making the most of the investment already made.
  • Tourist brochure: If you are a tourist board or local authority, mPaper enables you to publish your tourist brochures online to attract and inform a new audience.
  • Instruction Manuals: You no longer wish to pay to print your bulky instruction manuals. mPaper allows your clients to access all your instruction manuals at any time, from anywhere.

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