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What is an ERP system? And why should businesses use it?

Today, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) also face some of the problems that large enterprises do. One of them being planning and managing their resources. SMEs face similar complexities but have limited resources to deal with them.

Small businesses (like their bigger counterparts) have to:

Do accounts to track their sales/purchases.
Do their taxes.
Pay their employees.
Manage deliveries within promised timelines.
Deliver quality goods and services.
Communicate with customers, answer their queries.

Large enterprises invest millions of dollars in highly sophisticated systems like SAP. SAP and similar systems are able to handle requirements from these large enterprises to bring their multi-country, multi-company, multi-currency, global businesses into a single platform. This has helped them achieve consolidation of data/records in the fundamental processes such as accounting, taxation, payroll, reporting, and supply chain to name a few.

So the ERP Solution we provide take cares all of the above needs for SME’s.

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Manage accounts, transactions and taxes easily with ERP

Financial accounting from setup to billing, journals, ledgers and reports.


Inventory management

Inventory management with hierarchical location tree, stock movements, serials and batches.


Tracking pre-sale leads

Tracking presales process from Lead capturing, tracking open Opportunities, to emails and calls.


Operations like quotations, orders and delivery tracking

Selling covers sales operations like quotations, orders and delivery tracking.


Manage purchasing

Manage purchasing in ERPN right from material requisition, supplier quotes to Purchase Orders.

Human Resources

Salary and Payroll, Recruitment, Performance and more

Leave and Attendance Tracking, Expense Claims, Salary and Payroll, Recruitment, Performance and more.

Project Management

Project and task management

Project and task management with full integration with billing and cost centers.


Track customer related issues

Track customer tickets and issues, maintain server levels and track response and resolutions.


Fixed asset management

Fixed asset management and tracking with depreciation, asset allocation and movement tracking.

Quality Management

Quality management system

Quality management system with procedures, goals, tracking and reviewing.


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Manage multi-level Bills

Manage multi-level Bill of Materials, plan and track production with Work Orders.


Manage the entire life cycle of a student

Manage the entire life cycle of a student from admission, enrollment to attendance and assessment.


Track patients related activities

Track patients and their reports with appointments, consultations and lab reports.


Manage agriculture life cycle

Manage multiple farms, crops, growing cycles, crop diseases and much more.

Non Profit

Track non profit performance

Track members, memberships, volunteers, grants for your non profit.


Serving hotels and restaurants

Management of multiple restaurants and hotels with table and room booking.