Social media content has to be impactful and persuasive. Writers create such content because they want people to be attracted by it, to click it and read or view it. Social media is a great way to reach your target audience, to engage with them and to persuade potential customers that you’re a great option.

To make your brand appealing to your followers and boost your image, you can’t just throw in a link and a fancy picture and expect your audience to devour it.

When trying to improve brand authority by using social media content, the first thing you should have in mind is that your audience varies from one social media outlet to another. People who follow you on Twitter are not necessarily those who like you on Facebook. From there, adapt your content by using the tips below.

1. Optimize Your Content for Each Social Media Network

Your audience varies from social network to social network. You have to adapt and optimize your content for those who are more likely to see it. You also want to make your brand’s official page more shareable, so include share buttons and widgets for all popular social networks. Let’s break it down this way.

Twitter – this is one of the most important social media networks today. To make your brand’s account more visible and engage with your audience on Twitter better, use the almighty hashtag. This is your best tool to get your tweet discovered – and your brand, as well. A hashtag is a tool your audience will use if they like your brand, account, and so on. They will use it to get in touch with you. So, use it wisely, and improve the way you engage with your audience. To finish off your content, use images that capture your readers’ attention and that align perfectly with the content you create.

– Facebook is quite generous with the type of content its users can post. You can share written content with links to your company’s landing pages, posts with images, and videos. The best part about sharing links on Facebook? It detects the images on your brand’s content and automatically supplies the post with the image and page description.

Instagram – the type of content you should publish on this social network is mainly imagery. You can also include links in your bio to your landing pages, but your Instagram audience will primarily want to see vivid images and videos.

2. Speak the Same Language as Your Audience

When you write social media content to boost brand image and customer engagement, think of what your brand offers and how your audience can use it to solve different issues they have. Is your brand able to solve an issue your competitors simply ignore? Well, show your audience it is! Make your brand look thoughtful.

But, no matter what language you try to speak for your audience, ensure you speak it correctly. Your audience is unlikely to trust your brand if grammar and spelling errors are present in your social media posts.

Anthony McGregor, Social Media Specialist for PickWriters, a translation review website, notes, “Don’t be afraid to bring a fresh pair of eyes to review your content before hitting the publish button. This is a common practice in all content creation departments I have ever worked in.”

3. Experiment With Your Content

You may have tons of research on your audience, but until you experiment and see what they respond positively to, you can’t create the right brand content for them. Testing reactions and the success of your social media marketing campaigns should become a common practice in your company. Creating content for social networks isn’t an exact science. It’s more about experimenting a lot to figure out the perfect mix. Creating engaging, SEO-friendly, social network-appropriate content is a sustained effort, after all.

4. Make Sure to Use Several Visuals

Social media loves visuals, especially video content. By now, no brand should question the necessity of creating a balance between written and visual content, especially on social networks.

When you write about a matter or try to help your audience solve an issue, make it as short as possible. Show or tell is the rule here. This will become natural in time. Also, your content will get shorter, but packed with useful info. Use images or videos to help your audience understand the content more easily.

There is no exact formula for smooth and effective social media content to boost brand image and engage better with your audience. But incorporating the tips above should help.

Courtesy Kristin Savage SEOBlog.COM