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21. Ghosting is common on dating apps and websites

21. Ghosting is common on dating apps and websites

Research shows that four out of five have admitted to stretching the truth in some way while looking for love online. This goes as a reminder to not always trust everything you read on someone’s dating profile.

If you look at recent relationship statistics, it’s clear that ghosting continues to be an issue. Ghosting refers to when someone abruptly ends a relationship without telling the other person. The results of one study showed 76% of online daters had ghosted or been ghosted, suggesting that people prefer to disappear than have an honest conversation with their partner. According to the study, Rhode Island experienced the most cases of ghosting while Oregon reported the least number of cases.

22. Nearly half of Americans are single

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 46% of Americans 18 years and older are unmarried, meaning there are roughly 117.6 million singles still out there! That relationship statistic is great news for those still looking for love.

23. Online dating isn’t going anywhere

Some predictions suggest the popularity of online dating will increase by nearly 9% between 2022 and 2028, reaching 5.3 million downloads. This could mean new dating platforms will continue to hit the scene, providing more opportunities for people to make connections.

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